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A Black Friday Guide for him

The holidays are the perfect time to stock up on gifts whether they’re for yourself or others between Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Christmas sales make sure to keep your eyes peeled for coupon codes coming to a social outlet near you. In the meantime, browse this guide for shopping for him this holiday if you’re having trouble picking out the perfect goodie this season. From stocking stuffers to loaded gift sets Daily High Club carries the ultimate gift items to make this season a lit one.
Add this spooky skull to your collection while it’s still in stock, this limited edition lime green was a spin-off of our classic skull clear glass skull but has a reinforced matrix perc for even smoother performance. This thick, monstrous glass is the perfect upgrade for the daily driver.
Looking for a promising beaker upgrade? Look no further, this graphic glass is the perfect addition for any collector or every beginner. This 14” beaker is perfect for group sessions or for personal puffs while browsing some online content at The Weedtube. 
This is the best time of the year to gift out new toys like this dipper vaporizer, perfect for concentrates on the go. With the smoothest operation and delivery, this is ideal for those concentrate connoisseur’s who are looking for something a little bit more portable and discreet while still maintaining that same strength.
$ 399.99
Looking to blow his mind? The PuffCo Peak is another one of those items that are destined to change the game, the portability, ease, and quality of every rip completely changes the concentrate game. A great gift for a long term friend or for yourself after a long year. The Puffco peak has one button, four temperature settings, and two different modes making it perfect for solo sessions or social sessions. 
$ 54.99
This matrixline Bubbler is another promising addition to any collection, with a heavy thick base to keep it from tipping this is the perfect daily driver. The matrix line barrel perc ensures amazing quality whether it’s paired with a bowl or banger this eight-inch beauty is definitely a beast!
$ 19.99
This mini glass piece is the perfect travel-sized glass, for just $20 get a whole piece designated for smoking outings instead lugging one piece around. With only two pieces this glass is perfect for any on the go trips or bedtime rips. 
$ 89.99
Glob up with this spherical glass, don’t be fooled though this isn’t just for aesthetic, this thick glass includes a showerhead perc for better filtration. The thick base at the bottom is great for ensuring that it doesn’t spill over, take this beauty around the world on different sights.
$ 59.99
The ultimate gift sets this Christmas can be found in our best of box collection like our box from earlier this year in April which includes accessories like a raw clipper, rolling papers, a rolling tray, hemp papers, a quartz banger, the clock dab rig/bong, and so much more. Black Friday is going to be the perfect time to browse our old collections for the all-in-one gift this season.
$ 69.99
Looking for a classic flower upgrade? Check out this reusable glass joint that’s not only perfect for tokes on the go, but its small size makes smoking discreet and portable. Not only is this gold-trimmed glass designed for smooth hits but it’s the perfect gift for those as it comes with a nice case. It also comes with a clean brush, two back up glass tubes, six back up caps, and an extra o-ring making it the perfect all in one upgrade.
$ 4.99
Perfect stocking stuffers to pick up this season, from those who toke around between errands, go on long mind-clearing drives, or for when the scent lingers beyond the hotbox. Get this air freshener to clear the air this holiday.
Check out our other blog for a glass and accessory guide for her and browse our year-round sale section for something special all year round.

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