420 friendly gift guide

420 Friendly Gift Guide

April 03, 2021 Written by Celina Jauregui
Your favorite time of year is right around the corner, and as we gear up for the biggest stoner holiday it’s time to start thinking about some of your favorite gifts, accessories, and activities for this year. Gear up for this 420 with some of your favorite DHC gear, from some kick ass glass to everything you'll need in a sesh!

The Best 420 Kits 

420 april box

2021 April Box

There is no better time to check out DHC’s El Primo Subscription Box then this month! Although our boxes are great year round, this could be the perfect unboxing for someone who is celebrating 420 for the first time this year! While we sometimes offer our boxes online, they sell out fast! Plus by subscribing to our box not only are you getting up to $100+ worth of smoking gear, but also saving by getting our subscription price special!
 420 rolling kit

Ultimate Rolling Kit

Does your collection primarily rely on different brands of cones, papers, rolling devices, and lighters? More of a joint person as of lately? Well we’ve got a kit for everyone at DHC. Whether you like joints, concentrates, or flowers there is a little something for everyone on our shelves.
    bong cleaning kit      

Bong Cleaning Kit

 Already set for this year's 420? Do you have your little collection set to go for this year's biggest stoner holiday? Well for a simple upgrade consider this glass cleaning kit. This is the perfect way to get your glass in order before destroying them again for the hollidaze.

Best 420 Glass

420 glass

Flying Saucer Bong

Looking for a basic upgrade? Add this piece to your 420 glass collection this year for a simple, yet reliable piece for all of your stoney needs. This piece stands at nine inches tall but packs a big hit because of it’s saucer perc. This perc improves the overall function and flow in this piece so that you’re getting the perfect rip every time.
420 beaker bong

Area 420 Beak

$54.20 ($69.99)
This is the perfect practical piece for any stoner this year round, at eight inches tall this beaker is perfect for both herb and oil lovers! Or perhaps you’re looking two combine the two with one simple piece, this is the perfect glass for just that.
bubble bottom bong

Bubble Bottom Double Kinked Bong

If you’re looking to add something different but quality to your collection, then look no further. This double kinked glass is perfect for any flower lover, not to mention the perfect gift for the holidays, whether that’s for yourself or for a buddy this glass will not disappoint. It’s thick bottom makes it more durable for the reckless smoker and the weight of the water will make it harder to knock over.
double scope recycler dab rig

Double Scope Recycler Dab Rig

Or perhaps stepping up your game this year means getting more into the concentrate game. While DHC has a large selection of dab rigs, some of the most popular over the years have included the recycler style rigs for both flower and concentrate. With a shower head design, multiple recycling chambers, and four different color options available there is no going wrong with this piece for the next daily driver. 
double tree perc beaker bong

Double Tree Perc Beaker Bong

This glass is definitely that piece that you’re looking for if you’re looking to go all out this year. At 16 inches tall, this glass includes not one, but two jellyfish percs for the absolute best delivery every single time!

Best 420 Smoking Accessories

dab caps

Dab Caps

This dab cap is the perfect addition to complete your accessory collection; it’s practical and affordable and can come in handy when needed most. Never worry about running dry from the herb again because this cap can always serve as back up. Essentially, the cap has two adaption spots, one that connects to a cartridge and the other that is pressed into the downstem. This allows your favorite cart strains to be turned into bong or bubbler rips with this simple device; the cart meets glass — and your no longer limited to potentially weak cart hits when it comes to your favorite strain.
18/18 45 degree ashcatcher

18/18 45 Degree Ashcatcher

Although a bit of a rarity at the average sesh, the ashcatcher is certainly a product for the quality smokers. For those who truly enjoy the flavor, clarity, and delivery of a hit, this device is for you. This is the perfect upgrade for those who have already committed to a daily driver but are looking to kick it up a notch or simply step up it’s game.
blazy susan

Blazy Susan

$5.99 - $119.99
Deck out your next sesh in every sense of it with this colorful collection in collaboration with @BlazySusan. This company is cool because it uses all natural dyes on the products. Treat yourself to something stylish and luxury with this quality product this year.
raw wooden cig holder

RAW Level Five Wooden Cig Holder


Looking for a real challenge this 420? Well if you can make it through Level Five this year then you can certainly consider yourself an experienced smoker! Perfect for the cone lovers of this world who may not be looking for a glass upgrade, rather an accessory to take you to that next level.
raw bakepack

RAW Bakepack

This backpack is the ultimate on-the-go kit for any stoner this year, no longer worry about lugging around a purse or losing your wallet because this bag can pack it all! Not to mention you’ll never have to worry about smelling again because it’s ever odor-proof.


Let us know how you’re planning to celebrate 420 in the comments! We want to see what our followers and subscribers come up with for their favorite ways to celebrate, regardless if that’s an event or activity or even if it’s just with a fun challenge, we certainly appreciate seeing the creativity!