4/20 Influencer Feature: Lunita PG

4/20 Influencer Feature: Lunita PG

April 02, 2021 Written by Celina Jauregui

Meet Lunita PG! 

Daily High Club has worked with a number of influencers! Starting this April in honor of 4/20, we want to feature creatives we love across our favorite platforms. 

Our friend Lunita PG (@_lunita) has maintained a presence on her Instagram as a healer, advocate, activist, and brand voice because she truly tunes in with her favorite products from Daily High Club. That’s why we wanted to shout her out and give you guys a look into some of Lunita’s life! Here are our top reasons we love Lunita and why you should check out her 4/20 content. 


Cannabis has helped people heal and have deeper connections with themselves and others. 4/20 is a month of celebration for the plant and its healing capabilities. Lunita creates content that fosters connection with others that show or are inspired by cannabis. 




Charitable Works 

Throughout her career and within her interests she has done work with various brands and organizations to create a more equitable space. Lunita’s on-going effort to establish mutual aid outlets for marginalized communities is a core pillar of her platform and she intentionally aligns with initiatives that include charitable components as a way to regularly give back. 

Cannabis Conscious 

Lunita is a unique creative in the cannabis industry, because unlike much of what’s posted on social media, she is more open about consciousness and balance when it comes to herbal consumption. She practices a more mindful approach when consuming cannabis by listening to her body and acknowledging what it’s telling her - as well as sharing those authentic experiences with her audience.

Beyond her personal use, Lunita’s posts are a wealth of information regarding advocacy, consumption control and balance where cannabis is concerned. Through bringing her career and interests to a cross, she’s maintained a close reach with her audience through her art and passions. 

She took our March Martian bong for an earthly stroll and plated the custom Turkey bong for a vegan Thanksgiving. 

alien bong

Uplifts Others 

Lunita’s been a long-time advocate for not just our brand, but also partners with many other influencers, creators, and companies that she believes in. Her platform is a great place to spot some of our bongs and dab rigs, discover other new brands or emerging businesses, and even find the latest in lifestyle and trends. While sharing other people's work and bringing awareness to certain articles, causes and brands, Lunita maintains a consistent and transparent voice that she uses to shed positive light on the places and people who deserve it most. Not only has she partnered with brands on the Gram, but she advocates for things as important as artists edits, small businesses, and valuable causes.

We especially acknowledge her use of shared content on Instagram. Sharing content is important and helps increase reach. Sometimes sharing a post is one of the biggest compliments and Lunita is constantly providing a platform for others and sharing her light. 

LGBTQ+ Advocate 

As a Black + Brown queer femme creative, Lunita is an extremely vocal advocate in the LGBTQ+ community! Apart from the inspired work she does to educate allies and empower her fellow community members, there is frequent fan art created with Lunita as its muse. She maintains total transparency in her posts and encourages others to share and be 100% themselves, even when sometimes it’s not easy. 

It’s important to remember during 4/20 the LGBTQ+ community were, are and continue to be instrumental in cannabis policy reform. 

Art by: @amat_toussaint

4/20 influencer


Her advocacy stretches as far as artists, culture, activism, mental health, music and independence. Lunita is a 4/20 influencer to watch! Visit Lunita’s page (@_lunita) to join a journey of self-love and true authenticity.