2019 at Daily High Club in a Wrap

2019 at Daily High Club in a Wrap

January 08, 2020 Written by Celina Jauregui

Last year in 2019 was a big one for the industry, with more opportunities, laws, and regulations being worked out from state to state and even moving nationwide; there has been a lot of change in the cannabis industry. With more businesses and influencers starting to expand and explore in the industry it seems like it has been growing so naturally, especially in places where it’s been legalized. Last year Daily High Club did it’s best to work with the shift in the industry and teamed up with multiple celebrities, influencers, and brands throughout the year to bring together some awesome collabs! From independently listed celebrity glass to collabs between monthly subscription boxes and brand features, DHC strives to bring nothing but the best products to your table! Check out our 2019 year in a wrap with some of the most memorable moments from throughout the year.

$74.99 ($100.00)

In January we kicked off the year with a Dizzle Puffs wake and bake collaboration. The first box of the year featured an awesome dab rig with both @macdizzle and @koala.puffss face on it. And the box also included and carb cap modeled after Macdizzle’s favorite snack, an olive! While maintaining a box that was universal as possible while also maintaining that spunky style is what we aimed for in this dynamic collab. 

In March we teamed up with celebrity chef Zairilla Bacon to bring together an awesome subscription box that featured the bacon glass and bacon stink sack. The glass featured a five slit circ percolator and the box also included a DHC portable card grinder

We released a shrimp shaped Supreme Patty glass collaboration with the man himself, @supremepatty. This glass featured a reinforced reach around perc to prevent backsplash for a smooth function and it just all around looks dope. #ShrimpGang


This double-headed beast was brought to life this past year in April and serves as one of our most high functioning pieces, with two downstems and an insane matrix perc for the best diffusion were proud to bring you these two in one piece. Take a dab and a rip all at the same time, the ideal rip for one of stoney partners, @southerndabber_. 

$44.99 ($49.99)

Last June we upgraded our grenade glass so that is was improved and evolved into a water piece that included perc with amazing filtration. This epic grenade bubbler ended up being a @koala.puffss trademark potty puffs glass! While both the hand pipe and bubbler were high performance, we thought to take it a notch further with enhancements and come out with the grenade bong

500K on Instagram!

In June, we were also able to reach 500k on @dailyhighclub’s Instagram! As we wrap up the year we wanted to think our loyal customers and subscribers for always being honest with us and letting us know what you want to see. In honor of celebrating YOU in 2019, we made it our year to listen to you. DHC carefully reads through each comment on all of our social media so that we are constantly working to do our best to deliver nothing but the best to you all. In addition to collaborating with all companies, brands, and influencers, we also focused on taking customer feedback more seriously. We understand ordering things online can come with a lot of questions so we try and lay things out as easy as possible for customers and subscribers with our site FAQ.


Our glow in the dark mushroom piece for August box was one of the first of it’s kind to be sent out in a subscription box, with UV reactive dots at the top this has been one of DHC’s highest functioning glass pieces yet.

September '19 Daily High Club x B-Real Dr. Greenthumb Box

Although we’ve done collaborations with B-real before, like our 2018 March box we had to bring an even better, higher functioning piece to the market for the September subscription box of 2019. The two-piece glass duo is a small but mighty combo, which can even be used independently.

In September of last year, the SAFE banking act was passed in the House of Representatives which would protect banks that provide financial services for cannabis-related businesses. With more bills moving through congress and more support in politics that demonstrate traction in support for the industry, the industry has received more support not only societally but also politically. 

Last October we also got the chance to announce new partnerships, including with Megan Hughes. Megan hosts a podcast Souls at Sundown and posts videos on both YouTube and TheWeedTube. 


In October we also added PuffCo to our shelves, PuffCo is the ultimate dab-and-go device. With that the strength of a dab rig and a quality function this is ideal for those who are constantly group hopping or just like to taste their concentrates a lot. The quality and ease of this device is hard to beat. Available in three different colors.


In November we launched a collaboration with College Humor and brought you the Paranoia Pineapple Glass. This fruity glass was the perfect addition to our already delicious food collection, which also happened to be a collaboration with College Humor for their Paranoia series. Check out the stoner series game show to find our pineapple glass live in action.

Ultimately Daily High Club wants to bring more of what you want to shelves, in 2020 we plan on bringing in more collaborations, novelty glass, and collectibles. Let us know what brands and influencers you would like to see DHC partner up with to bring more epic glass in! Comment who you want to see us work with next year at the bottom of this blog for a chance to enter one of our last giveaways! To get a better look at what’s coming in 2020, check out our latest blog.


Joanne McBroom 02/11/2020

I would love to see a collab with Snoop Dogg

Matthew P. Staton 02/11/2020

I would love to see a collab with Snoop Dogg or Wiz Khalifa